Experts give prevention advice in the spirit of World Suicide Prevention Day

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PEORIA, Ill — Tuesday is Suicide Prevention Day and mental health experts say it’s just fine to ask for help.

There are several signs you should watch out for to tell if someone is not okay. A lack of appetite or sleeping is an easy red flag to spot.

Hult Center For Healthy Living assistant manager Holly Bill says it’s best to have the conversation sooner than later.

“We typically see that young people are really responsive to this information, and we really just want them to talk about it, because the more they talk about it, the more it’s okay to just step into the counselor’s office and say, ‘hey, I need help, or write them a little note and say can you check on me today,'” said Bill.

Bill also says this is something that can affect anyone, even people within your close circle of friends and family.

“For the kids, we are telling them just to pay attention to anything at all that might change with their friends, with their peers, themselves, a parent, anyone,” said Bill.

Bill encourages parents to make sure their kid’s phones have the Suicide Prevention Hotline in the list of contacts.

If you or someone you know needs to seek help, the suicide prevention hotline number is 1-800-273-8255.

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