PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — Personalized back-to-school chalkboard signs are popping up all over social media as kids return to school, and experts are warning the information could be used by predators with ulterior motives.

Many parents opt to share a photo on social media of their child posing with the sign on the first day of school. Signs often contain the child’s name, grade, teacher, their school, and other personal information.

Jack Davis, owner of Exemplary IT Solutions in Peoria, advised parents to think about what a stranger could learn from the sign. Predators and scammers could use that information to take advantage of the child.

“I would be very cautious about what I would share. Always take into consideration looking at it from the outside. What could a person learn from this that could be hazardous to the child?” he said.

Davis recommended sharing back-to-school signs only with close family and friends, and to ask them not to share with anyone else.