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'Faces of Ag': What does someone in the agriculture industry look like?

LEWISTOWN, Ill. - "We are just out here interviewing and talking to all the different kinds of farmers in Fulton County and we're trying to put the face of agriculture, and what it should mean to people," says Elaine Stone, Fulton County Farm Bureau manager.

March 19-23 is known as 'National Ag Week'. And over in Fulton County, they decided to extend it to a month-long experience, acknowledging those who put in long hours in order to make sure there's food on your plate.

"We're talking about seed technicians, agronomists, grain merchandisers, truckers, veterinarians," says Stone.

As part of its 'Faces of Ag' campaign, the Fulton County Farm Bureau shows the diversity within agriculture.

"There's a lot of ways to be a farmer besides, you know, if you don't want to do corn and beans and livestock, there are other ways in agriculture, and there's a lot of jobs in agriculture," says Don Archdale, owner of Big Horse Vineyard.

And by attaching a personal touch with a story, hopefully, more people can learn what it means to be a "Face of Ag".

"[It's] a lot of work, but it's a neat and rewarding field for us to be into," says Archdale.

To see some of the stories from those featured in the "Faces of Ag" campaign, click here.

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