Facet Technologies sets up new headquarters in Peoria’s Fourth District

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PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — An Information Technology company that’s been around for more than 31 years returns to where it originated.

Facet Technologies introduced the community to its new headquarters Wednesday evening in Peoria’s Fourth District. The company, previously headquartered in Pekin, is now located at 3024 W. Lake Avenue.

Brian Ford, the company’s owner, said he started the company not too far from where the new setup is.

“In 1989, I started my business on the other side of Scenic Drive,” Ford said. “Basically just a couple of thousand feet from here.”

Ford said the company has had a presence in Peoria for years as the owners of Nerds on Call. He said they officially moved into the new location at the beginning of April and said it’s a perfect opportunity for growth.

“We took this building and remodeled it and made it fit our purposes and it’s a very open concept,” Ford said. “All of our guys and girls can work together and literally look over to someone else and say ‘you’re the expert on this what should I do here?”

He said the IT company, which services over 5,000 businesses nationally, provides residents and businesses services such as information technology solutions, cybersecurity services, data backups, and monitoring solutions. Ford said these services are important now more than ever.

“We provide peace of mind for people on computers, networks, and the network security right now is a huge deal,” Ford said. “With all of the crypto viruses and all of the security issues going on. So, we make sure that we keep our customers safe and keep them running well.”

He said the move to Peoria not only gives them the opportunity to grow but to also bring people on board. He said Facet has a team of approximately 30 people and this is a chance to create more jobs in the region.

“We’re always growing and we’re looking for people not only in the tech field, but also we’re looking for admin assistants, we’re looking for dispatchers,” Ford said. “This building’s big and we’re looking to expand and fill this building.”

City leaders, staff, as well as local companies who assisted with the building’s remodeling attended Wednesday’s event.

Andre Allen, the city’s fourth district councilman, said he’s looking forward to having Facet Technologies right in his backyard. He said the city’s economic development department worked with the company to try to alleviate any barriers in its path.

“It’s very on time,” Allen said. “It’s part of a trend that we’re seeing our technology industry grow but we’re also seeing issues of cybersecurity approaching and so they’re able to solve a lot of those issues and so I’m very excited to have them here in Peoria.”

Allen said he recommends any small, or large, business to take advantage of the company’s services during a time where there are so many threats to cybersecurity.

He also said residents should be on the lookout for job listings the company will provide, calling them “head of household income” jobs as city leaders look to raise the median household income.

Ford said going forward the future is looking bright for the company.

“We’re actually creating some of our own products and services that are actually unique that we’re going to sell to some of our competitors,” Ford said.

He didn’t specify what those products and services would be, but said expansion is definitely on the horizon.

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