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Family and friends mourn the loss of Alijah Sumrell


Saturday morning, family members and friends got together to say one last goodbye to Alijah Sumrell, who was fatally shot last month.


Alijah sumrell was loved by those around him and is remembered as someone who spread light.


"He was a great uncle. He was a great little brother. He was very sweet and just loved to cook. He loved his friends. He was just such a light," said Tennille Hardy, Alijah's older sister.


Word of Faith Christian Center was filled with hundreds mourning his loss, including his best friend who said he was always motivating him.


"My first job in Mcdonalds, [He said] 'You know I'm proud of you bro, but I want you to come out from that. I want you to do bigger better things.' That's how he always saw things. He saw that as a little step to becoming greater," said Dillon Weekly.



Also there, were members of the Army National Guard, many of whom got to know him during their trainings and his time there.  



"When he got back from basic training at AIT he told me the biggest thing he learned was integrity. So learning about integrity, it completely changed his way of thinking and he became a bigger stronger man," said Weekly.



The feeling of pain was inevitable but Tennille said she wants Alijah's memory to motivate people to make the most of  life.



"Alijah lived, that's the biggest thing that people can take from him. He lived. He was not afraid to go, to do, he lived and that's what I want people to remember. To love like he loved," said Hardy.


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