Family, friends continue search for Alexis Scott throughout Central Illinois

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Alexis Scott went missing in September of 2017 and to this day, her whereabouts are still unknown.

Not only do Alexis Scott’s friends and family want her to come home safe, but in the case she is no longer alive, they want justice for her and her son.

Search party members say they need the public’s help in finding more information on where she might be.

“Share the word is a big importance.  Get her name out there, her face out there, her story. She has a son that really needs some answers at some point whether it be good or bad,” said Leanne Chambers, who searched for Alexis Scott on Wednesday.

“The community needs to get involved.  Community is needed to bring her home and to bring her justice,” said Rachael O’Reilly, one of the search members.

Alexis’ family and friends want to know how she went missing almost a year and a half ago.

“If she didn’t leave on her own, there’s some sort of foul play and someone needs to be held accountable for where she went,” said Chambers.

Alexis’ mother put together a search party Wednesday to look for her, but for privacy reasons, she requested to not give the location of the search.  

Even through this tragic situation, search members say that Alexis has brought joy to other families.

“Thankfully since we’ve brought attention, other missing girls have come home.  So it’s basically Alexis’ turn,” said O’Reilly.

And no matter where she is, she will always have a special place in her family’s hearts.

“You’re loved and missed, your family wants you back and regardless of why you left, she’d be welcomed home with open arms,” said Chambers.

“We’re not gonna stop until you get brought home, and until you have justice we’re not gonna stop,” said O’Reilly.

If you’d like to get involved, you can head to the Alexis Camry Scott Campaign on Facebook, we have the link below.

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