PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — A family that was near the scene of a recent shooting in Peoria are sharing their experience.

Thursday, one person was seriously injured after being shot near Kettelle and Shelley Streets. The location of the shooting was near the Proctor Recreation Center.

Peoria resident Lawrence Maushard who was at the Proctor Center pool with his daughter shared what the moment was like when shots rang out.

“All of a sudden boom, boom, boom, boom, you knew what was happening immediately. There were no other sounds or anything going on, and it was like woah. I look towards the shooting, and immediately to the kids I said get down, get down, get down,” Maushard said.

His daughter, Harlow Meierkord, wanted to spend time with her father that day. The mood changed within the blink of an eye when they heard gunshots.

“We were hiding in the corner and then the crossing guard told us to come inside, then another gunshot came when I ran,” said Meierkord.

Meierkord headed to the basement of the recreational center, where she started to console other children.

“There was a little boy I was trying to calm down, and his brother was crying, too. So, I tried to calm them both down,” said Meierkord.

Last week, the Park District’s executive director Emily Cahill said patrons and children participating in summer camp were inside at the time of the shooting.

While speaking with WMBD-TV, Maushard said there were several adults, children, and lifeguards that were present when the shots were heard.

“The shooting happened right outside the pool, and it was terrifying, but everyone did what they were supposed to, and it turned out okay. But what I’ve seen is everyone was inside the building,” Maushard said.

Although the incident happened about a week ago, Meierkord is still thinking about what happened that day.

“I had nightmares because I think that it could happen again someday, and I don’t want it to,” said Meierkord.

Monday, Cahill provided an update and shared that she originally was not made aware that people were at the pool and it was not her intention to minimize their experience.

Maushard said despite the incident his family will continue to visit the Proctor Center.