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Fans enjoy eclipse viewing at the ballpark, despite a few glitches

1,000 pair of solar eclipse glasses didn't show up to Dozer Park

PEORIA, Ill. - The Peoria Chiefs play ball during the solar eclipse, despite some setbacks.

The team ordered 1,000 pairs of solar eclipse glasses for fans who attended Monday's noon game, but those glasses never showed up.

The team still managed to celebrate the eclipse during the game. Play stopped at 1:10PM for a viewing of the celestial phenomenon as it was also live streamed over the video board.

The president of the chiefs says, despite the glitch, fans took advantage of a special day at the ballpark.

"People were really excited about it because it is so unique and I think it gave them a fun excuse to miss work and come out and watch a ball game watch an eclipse and have a fun day at the ballpark." President of the Peoria Chiefs, Rocky Vonachen, says.

The game was planned well before the Chiefs realized it would overlap with the eclipse, so the president says they decided to celebrate.


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