FARMINGTON, Ill. (WMBD) — Nearly 300 students from across the Central Illinois area gathered at Farmington Central High School for a unified sports event.

The goal of the event is to promote inclusion through sports and activities. Students both with and without disabilities were encouraged to have fun together.

“We hope that the students attending have a good time and learn that sports are all-inclusive, and the student volunteers maybe get a little exposure with students with specific needs so that they can maybe alter their lifestyle a little bit to be more accommodating,” said Ryan Lambert, a teacher from the high school and a team sponsor.

This is the second time the school has hosted the event and was started by students Mariah Hayden and Averie Neal. Administrators and boosters also helped make sure the event happened.

“We did this project last year, but we did it with just our school so this year we really wanted to get a chance to invite other schools and get a bigger event and just have a chance for all the other schools to meet new people and have a fun time,” said Hayden.

Organizers hope to grow the event even more next year.