Farmington community steps up to support family ousted by overnight fire

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A family searching for answers and mourning their loss of their home after an early Tuesday morning fire. 

When devastation strikes, there’s never time to prepare. 

Causing those affected to feel vulnerable, displaced, and alone, but the Farmington community and surrounding towns will not let this happen to one of their own. 

Pictures from an early morning home fire on Tuesday don’t truly depict the loss a family now feels. 

In the light, smoke continues to flow from what’s left of the home. 

The Farmington community may be small, but the warmth and dedication to help one another is mighty. 

“People just come out of everywhere to help you,” says Pam Davis. “They really really do.”

Pam Davis herself has been a victim of a fire and knows exactly how this community rallies together in a time of need. 

“About 11 years ago, we had a fire,” says Davis. “Everybody, I mean, just from the get go of it was right there. People you don’t even know. People from the surrounding communities are there to help you.”

The molten framework sways in the wind of this rural Farmington home, but with a community behind them, neighbors say this family will be taken care of and protected. 

“We’ll have a local drop off site or something where somebody can take donations, clothes, gift cards, whatever,” says Davis. 

The Farmington Fire Chief says that a dog and two cats died in the fire, but the entire family is safe. 

They had to tank in water, but at this time, they suspect no suspicious activity for the cause. 

There is a Bank of Farmington account set up to help the family. The account is run by Sha Lafferty and Sandy Farwell.

You can also go in at 489 N  Main. Farmington.

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