FBI may have secret recordings of Michael Madigan

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A new report  front page of the Chicago Sun-Times says the FBI has secret recordings of speaker Michael Madigan trying to win business for his private law firm. 
The conversation happened in 2014 and appears to have been caught up in a much broader federal investigation into corruption in Chicago’s city hall. 
According to the Sun-Times, Madigan was caught on tape pitching a hotel developer, saying, “We’re not interested in a quick killing here. We’re interested in a long-term relationship.”
Chicago city alderman danny solis, who was under investigation, later told the developer, “if he works with the speaker, he will get anything he needs for that hotel.” and, “there is no better firm than this firm in terms of doing real estate taxes in the state.”
In a 120-page affidavit, the FBI agent said he understood it to mean the developer would benefit from Madigan and Solis’ official action in their capacity as public officials.
In a statement, MMadigan’s lawyer says he’s not concerned, and has no memory of suggesting he would take official action for a private law firm client, adding that as far as they know, he’s not under investigation. 
Speaker madigan is not facing any charges. 
Governor pritzker declined to say if he saw anything wrong with the conversation. 

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