PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — The FDA ordered Juul labs to stop selling its vape devices and cartridges Thursday.

A WMBD crew went to Peoria gas stations, vape shops, and liquor stores. During their search, some locations still had the products on the shelves and others took them off months ago.

One vape shop owner said he has not received an official letter from the government to stop selling Juul’s, so they still have an inventory of the items.

Juul has been a market leader among e-cigarette and vaping companies and has been blamed for vaping’s popularity with kids and teenagers. The company had limited its marketing and stopped selling fruity flavors in 2019.

Juul said it respectfully disagrees with the FDA’s findings and decision and has addressed all issues raised by the agency.

We will continue to reach out to see if they receive any government information or if they decided to take their Juul products off their inventory.