(WMBD) — The Russian invasion of Ukraine is causing economic problems throughout the globe. Now, it’s hitting the stock market.

Rockie Zeigler is a Certified Financial Planner for RP Zeigler Investment Services in Peoria. He said even before the escalation of tensions overseas, the stock market was seeing a downward turn, primarily due to inflation.

“The two things that Wall Street hates the most, which are, in my opinion, fear and uncertainty,” he said. “Fear is– is it just going to be this smaller conflict, is it going to erupt into something larger? And uncertainty, kind of goes along with that, is are we ever going to get involved in something like this, are other countries going to get involved?”

The current conflict in Ukraine is causing not only energy prices to rise, but also worry. This, then, affects how much people invest in the stock market, or how much they withdraw their money.

Zeigler advised any investors to take a step back and evaluate the level of risk they are comfortable with going forward with their investments.