Federal law requires calorie amounts to be shown on menus

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It’s been nearly a decade since then-President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act into law. 

Inside that bill is the implementation of including calorie amounts on the menus you see when you’re out to eat. 

According to the FDA, May 7th is the compliance date for customers to have access to calorie and nutritional values. 

This applies to food chains with 20 or more locations. 

When you’re deciding what to eat at a restaurant, it’s your stomach that does the decision making, but do you want to know all the facts about what you’re eating?

“It probably will consume people,” says Travieso Gonzalez, Peoria Resident. “Some time and some energy to be able to put that out but for the most part maybe it’ll make us more aware of what we’re consuming.”

Menus vary by store, some handwritten, others printed. 

Under ACA, calorie amounts are now a requirement. 

“I mean, I watch what I eat but not that much,” says Gonzalez. 

“It’s not going to hurt to put the calorie counts on the menu so why not just do it?” says Liz Ladji. “For people that need it then they’ll have it?”

Joe Slyman, owner of Adams Street Cafe and Catering, thinks it’s an interesting transition. 

“I think once one can complete that task, I think it’ll be beneficial for the people who are concerned with this,” says Slyman.

According to the FDA, other than total calories, food chains must also provide total fat, cholesterol, sodium, carbs, and more upon request.

“I think there’s a strong enough demand that I think they’ll be people that’ll be happy with knowing what they’re consuming,” says Slyman. 

“For people that really need it and want it, it’s why not?” says Ladji. “They should do it.”

So the next time you decide to grab that turkey club, Cobb salad or triple bacon burger, you’ll see just how many calories you’re consuming in that one meal.

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