There’s new excitement in the town of Flanagan.

“I think it’s one of the most positive things that has happened in this town for a long time and it’s just wonderful,” said Jane Roeschley while she checked out the new library.

“People have been asking, when is this going to happen, when is this going to open, you know, a lot of people think you can just put up shelves,” said founder, Kim Wargo.

The town’s first public library is a project nearly five years in the making.

For years, people living in the town had to at least 20 miles just to check out a book, which inspired Kim Wargo to make a change. 

“I think it gives people a lot of opportunities to come and use the computer, the internet, um and to just experience how it’s nice to have a book,” she said.

It’s that message that convinced the bank owners to donate their old building.

In 2014 a property tax referendum brought in the money to help get the project going, and change the face of the town.

“We have been just noticing in the community in the past couple of years of how there needs to be new life in the community and this library is part of that,” said Dan Mays.

The life-long resident and his wife feel inspired when they walk in with their newborn son, Ty.

“We’re excited to bring him here and it’s a place to continue to learn even outside of school, and the betterment of him and his classmates,” Mays said.

“I think it’s just so great for the children in our community as well as, you know, summer reading programs, just to install that love of reading,” Roeschley said.

It’s bringing the town of just over 1,000 people even closer together.

“Kids can come up here and read, and parents, you know, computers, some people don’t have computers at their house,” Wargo said.

“The small town feel is something that you can’t get in a bigger community,” Roeschley said.

Parts of the old bank building still exist including the vault and the teller line.

The library will hire two people but is also asking for volunteers.