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CUBA, Ill. — First responders in Cuba ran a mass causality accident drill on Saturday to help them prepare for future accidents and emergencies.

“You don’t get a chance to do training like this very often, so being apart of it was cool,” said Taylor Lester who is in the cadet program.

In the drill, departments across Fulton County worked to treat around 30 patients.

Many involved in the drill were cadets, working with a first responder provisional license.

“We need to know how to do all of this stuff quick, fast, and be able to stabilize this many patients,” said Bradley Mercer who is in the cadet program.

As a cadet, Mercer learns key skills that help in situations like the drill.

He helped organize the drill as a part of his senior project, so that departments could learn to work together.

“If we have a real call, we need to know one another and we need to be able to work together,” said Bob Schnarr, Chief of Cass-Putman Rescue.

One of the goals was to learn the strengths and weaknesses of the departments.

“We wanted to find out in a real situation, when we have a real mass causality incident, we want to find out where our weaknesses are,” said Schnarr.

Chief Schnarr says the drills show better communication will help them in future situations.

“Everybody came together today and all of these departments worked together as a team and that’s what the whole, that’s what we’re doing, we’re accomplishing by working together as a team to save lives,” said Schnarr.

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