Five more rare goats born at Miller Park Zoo, all given ‘Toy Story’ names

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BLOOMINGTON, Ill. — The Miller Park Zoo is welcoming five more rare goats, in addition to the four births announced in earlier June.

Wednesday, the Bloomington zoo said the goat kids’ names are Woody, Buzz, Bo Peep, Rex, Jesse, Bullseye, Andy, Bonnie and Pork Chop, all named after “Toy Story” characters.

“Marvel” and “Natasha,” who are both first time moms, gave birth to one male and one female each. “Breeze” recently gave birth to one male. “Marvel” gave birth on June 12, “Breeze” one June 13, and “Natasha” on June 21.

“Having 9 kids is significant because they are a critically rare breed, and makes the Children’s Zoo area that much more engaging. The Miller Park Zoo is invested in the long term success of San Clemente Island Goats.” said zoo director Jay Tetzloff.

The goats are native to San Clemente Island, one of the Channel Islands off the coast of California. The goats are listed as a critically rare heritage breed. There are about 700 of these goats around the world.

Miller Park Zoo is home to eight adult San Clemente Island Goats; five females – Storm, Valencia, Natasha, Marvel and Breeze, and three males – Malcolm, who is the father of the kids, Nathan and Sean. The ages range from less than one year to 8 years old.

The Miller Park Zoo was the first Zoo to have a San Clemente Island Goat born in the state of Illinois. The goat kids can be seen on exhibit in the Children’s Zoo area.

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