Five Republican candidates fight for U.S. Senate seat, Forum held at Five Points

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WASHINGTON, Ill. (WMBD) — (UPDATE) Republican Senate challengers spent the first half of Tuesday’s forum getting personal with the audience.

Doctor Tom Tarter, originally from Portland Oregon, was first to take the stage. He said he didn’t “have a lot” growing up. Tarter said he went to public schools, a community college and worked two jobs to put himself through school before transferring to a four-year college.

Tarter has 23 years of experience as a urologist and cancer surgeon in Illinois.

“I am running in this race because I don’t like the idea of socialized medicine. It’s not really medicare for all. It’s an inferior government take over with a single parent plan that makes health insurance illegal. So you will learn more about that as things go on. I just wanted to introduce myself so you know it’s not just the old white guy, rich doctor talking to you,” Tarter said.

Peggy Hubbard of St. Louis Missouri is currently an analyst for the IRS. She spent her two minutes during the opening statements talking about how her childhood encouraged her to join the Navy and become a police officer.

“I was raised by a single mother as well. My mother raised eight children in the heart of the ghetto in St. Louis. She left our father and he was abusive. When she raised us, she never took welfare. She said it was a trap and that planted the seed for me,” she said.

She said joining the race as a new Republican, voting for former President Barack Obama twice, helps her see both sides of the arguments. She said she running to fight for the voiceless in all communities.

Doctor Robert Marshall of Dayton Ohio briefly stated during his opening why he is running for this race. He said because “it’s time to withdrawal from all these wars.”

“We’ve lost almost 8,000 men and trillions of dollars. That is one of the reasons why I support President Trump. He has a plan and he trying to play out his plan,” Marshall said.

Casey Chlebek said he is trying to connect with the younger generation. He said he graduated from ICC and worked in information engineering.

“As the senator for the united states, I would like to designate in Illinois special industrial sounds in advanced technology so we can develop technology for AI and robotics. I think it’s key to creating new jobs, he said”

Lastly, Mark Curran said he was the Lake County Sherriff for 12 years and the County State Prosecutor. He said he decided to get into the race because he noticed an “erosion of our liberty.”

“You see it when the democrats talk about it religious institutions, that if they don’t perform same-sex marriages that they should lose their tax-exempt status. I mean who are they to say that?… So I am very concerned about where (American Rights) are going,” he said.

(PREVIOUS) Five Republican candidates are fighting for the U.S. Senate currently held by Democrat Senator Dick Durbin.

Peggy Hubbard, Mark Curran, Dr. Tom Tarter, Casey Chlebek and Robert Marshall will participate in the senate debate Tuesday from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at Five Points.

This event is free and open to the public. The General Primary is March 17.

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