Following car break-ins, Normal Police remind residents to lock doors

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NORMAL, Ill. (WMBD) — Police in Normal are reminding people to lock their cars following reported smash and grabs around town.

According to police, many of the car break-ins have been tied to people from outside the Bloomington-Normal area. Many are tied to out-of-town crews from Chicago, St. Louis, or Indianapolis who are passing through McLean County.

“They’re really just driving around the state and hitting the towns that they come to; so they’re not specifically driving two hours to come to Normal to hit a certain area,” said police spokesperson Brad Park.

Community Services Officer Brad Park said criminals usually target a large parking lot or a place with a lot of potential “loot” like a parking lot, where they are usually looking for money, technology–laptops, cellphones, or anything else of value.

Recently a car break-in was reported at Shepard Park while someone was enjoying the dog park. In this crime, the criminal took the woman’s purse and wallet from the car.

Park said in most instances, criminals are looking for a crime of opportunity.

“Sometimes they’ll maybe hit an area that has a little bit of easier access to get them back on the interstate, but also they might hit an area that’s near some of the larger retail establishments because once they may get a stolen credit card or something like that, they’re going to go use it as quickly as possible,” Park said.

Park said it’s important people either take valuables with them or put them out of sight within their vehicle with the doors locked and windows rolled up.

“They’re going to go to cars where they feel that they can be away from people so if they do have to break the window, they’re not going to draw attention to themselves, but also they’re going to target vehicles where they know there are items inside that they can steal,” Park said.

Park also said not all break-ins are tied to out-of-town crews and can just as well be committed by someone known to the area.

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