BRIMFIELD, Ill. (WMBD) – As corn pollinates and soybeans flower, local farmers say recent weather has been helpful for crops.

With 22 years of experience, Peoria County Farmer, Rob Asbell said you learn that no two growing seasons are exactly alike.

“You have springs that are wet and cold, or warm or dry. And you have summers that are like this which all of a sudden it’s very very moist,” Asbell said.

Due to a recent dry spell, Patrick Kirchhofer, manager of Peoria County Farm Bureau, said moisture isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

“The crop has really taken off and corn just grows tremendously if it gets that drink of water,” Kirchhofer said.

As corn pollinates in July, Asbell says cool weather in the area has also been a plus, but warmer temps and sunlight are now hoped for.

“We’d like to have some heat and sunlight to help the process quicken up,” Asbell said.

Overall, Asbell says growing conditions have been favorable.

Kirchhofer explains, as long as too much rainfall doesn’t appear in the area, it could spell good things for farmers this fall.

“If we continue to get the good rains, we should have excellent yields this fall,” Kirchhofer said.

Asbell also says the risk for extreme weather is something that farmers will keep an eye on.