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Fondulac Township Explores Community Solar Energy Project

FONDULAC TOWNSHIP, Ill. - Fondulac Township is exploring the option of solar energy.

Trajectory Energy Partners if proposing leasing 18 acres of farm land owned by the township to install 7,000 solar panels. That lease would generate revenue for Fondulac Township.

The community solar project would provide 2 Megawatts of power, enough to power about 400 homes or about 5 school buildings.

The company says it would also bring jobs, educational opportunities, and electricity savings with it.

"The cost of the project when you look at it if they were trying to put in a coal power plant it's going to be a lot for less." Chairperson for East Peoria Green, Bob Jorgensen, says.

"It's a great win for the environment, it's great for Fondulac Township, it's something that's great for our organization because it puts us to work on something that we've ben training on for years." Business Manager for IBEW Local 34, Paul Flynn, says.

The township will vote on the community solar site proposal at its meeting on November 16th.

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