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Former students suing Macomb School District for $10M

Lawsuit claims school district protected sexual predator

MACOMB, Ill. - The Macomb School District is facing a lawsuit, alleging it protected a sexual predator between 2014 and 2017.

Two former students at the school say the predator attended Macomb Senior High School and was the son of a teacher.

The lawsuit says school leaders were given several credible reports that the student sexually harassed, assaulted and violently penetrated the plaintiffs, but the district ignored the complaints.

According to court documents, one of the students was repeatedly harassed at school and was violently sexually assaulted by the predator in the school's band room, back in the Fall of 2014. The second student was sexually assaulted twice, once in the school's auto shop and again at a park, in the Fall of 2016. The school district denied all of the claims made by the students, even though there was video proof of the assault at the park. The lawsuit also claims the students were forced to change their daily schedules so the predator could keep his the same.

The lawsuit mentions both students eventually had to transfer to different schools, due to them feeling "unsafe" and "uncomfortable" attending the same school as the predator. The predator eventually graduated from the high school and was in the military for one week until he was discharged for misconduct.

The victims are seeking $10 million in damages from the school district.

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