Foster Pet Outreach workers find dead cat on property, say someone left it there with no explanation

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EDWARDS, Ill.–Foster Pet Outreach workers volunteers say they found a dead male cat in one of their outdoor pens.

“She came into the office to do some paperwork and check on some things and saw some items in the corral in the back, and she made the discovery and then contacted the rest of us about it,” said Aaron Elliot, board member of Foster Pet Outreach.

The cat, who went by Jeffery was taken to the building, and abandoned.
Board member Aaron Elliot says Jeffrey was left with his litter box and some food, but no water.

“From the appearance of the cat, we believe it probably died here on premises. It may well have been sick when it was dropped off, but we think it died here,” said Elliot.

Elliot says the person probably thought they were doing the right thing, but he wants everyone to know Foster Pet Outreach is not a shelter.

“We do have a sign on the front door that explains that we have no animals on the premises. There’s a phone number that they can easily call, there’s a web address they can easily send us an email, and I’m just afraid the person was ignorant of those facts and unfortunately the cat paid for it with it’s life,” said Elliot.

The Outreach says the reached out to the owner on record, who said they gave the cat to another home four years ago. The cat was an 8-year-old male cat according to its microchip found by the Outreach.

Now, Foster Pet Outreach wants to install security cameras so this won’t happen again.

Here is the link to donate.

Foster Pet Outreach took to Facebook to describe Friday afternoon as they found Jeffrey dead in the pen.

“PAWS in Peoria will accept deceased animals, if this cat was suffering please humanely put it out of it’s misery. Any animal left at our building goes straight to PAWS as we cannot legally do the stray hold. So if you think you are getting around that by leaving a pet at our building you are WRONG! We wonder how this cat spent it’s last hours. Please never get another animal…you don’t deserve one,” said the admin of Foster Pet Outreach’s Facebook page.

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