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Four D87 schools are asking the State Board of Education for more money

BLOOMINGTON (D87), Ill. - Four schools in District 87 have not been performing up to standard, so school board members are asking the Illinois State Board of Education for money to fix the problem. 

Twice a year, the State Board of ED gives out grants through the Every Student Succeeds Act. It states, each school district should ensure students are learning and on the path to college.

District 87 principals then grade their school on where they believe it stands within the ISBE's guidelines. Bloomington Junior High School as well as Irving, Sheridan and Stevenson Elementaries were all identified as schools performing at or below the standards.

Because of this, the D87 board members approved the Principal's grades stating where these schools currently are and where they plan to improve, with hopes that the newly aquired funds will assist them in their goals.

"What we are going to be doing with our funding is looking at our professional development," said Dr. Diane Wolf, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction. "We are going to be looking at our family engagement, we're going to make sure we have the correct material in our classrooms and we are going to work towards helping our students achieve the best goals that they can."

With the unanimous approval at Wednesday's meeting, school leaders are now able to access that money. 

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