PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — The Peoria County Animal Protection Services (PCAPS) is offering free microchip installations for your pet.

Director of PCAPS, Becky Spencer, said they see an influx of pets lost around the Independence Day holiday.

“We’re really trying to promote this program now because the 4th of July is the time when more pets become lost than any other time of the year,” said Spencer.

She said the microchips help their officers get the animals home faster.

“If our officers pick up a lost animal, and they find a microchip, it immediately allows us to take the animal home,” said Spencer.

Spencer said their goal is to keep as many lost animals out of the shelter as possible.

“That’s what we are in it for, we want to see the animals go home,” said Spencer.

She said they’re offering the free installation to anyone who will come, along with their ID. The offer ends at the end of the year.

Spencer said they also have an influx of guinea pigs, so adoption fees will be waived for them up until they are all taken home.