Friends and family of slain Peoria man call for an end to the violence

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Friday night a vigil was held in honor of 30-year-old Michael Shipley at a local bar in the Warehouse District.

Several people gathered to pay their respects to Michael, the 5th person killed in Peoria just this year.  He was found dead after being shot in his home.  

Peoria Police Captain Mike Scally talked about the impact these murders are having on the city, and in Michael’s case, his friends and family are calling for an end to the violence in Peoria.

“These guns need to be put down.  Everybody can get a gun so easily, everybody is so quick to pull a gun.  And for what?  Like what purpose was gained by taking his life?  By taking him from his mom, from his kids, from his friends, from the city.  What was gained by it?  Nothing,” said Pierre Miller, who was a friend of Shipley’s.

Miller says Shipley was always in a good mood and was kind to everyone he came across.

“He was just here celebrating his birthday on the 1st of February, and less than a week later he’s been murdered.  It doesn’t make sense at all.”

It has been a busy year for the Peoria Police Department, investigating 5 homicides.

“Anybody that’s not disturbed by even one murder, for this far into the year,” said Scally.  “Each and every one of these disturbs everybody.  It disturbs the police department, it disturbs the community.”

Captain Scally says it’s going to take everyone in Peoria to work to bring peace to the city.

“I think community involvement is huge.  That’s where we develop information to help solve these murders.  And the community needs to get involved in it, and they have to want it to stop too, just like we do.”

Friends of Shipley say the violence has to stop.

“Just senseless tragedy after tragedy.  And this is the 5th death in less than 40 days in this city, somebody has to do something.  These guns have to come off these streets,” said Miller.

Michael Shipley will be dearly missed by his family and friends.  At this time there are no suspects in his death.  The Peoria Police Department asks if anyone has information to please contact them.

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