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Friends and family remember Robert "Bonsai" Bee Jr. at his visitation on Saturday

Family, friends and community members gathered together at Preston-Hanley Funeral Homes Saturday, where loved ones remembered the teen who went missing almost a year ago.

Friends and loved ones gathered Saturday to remember Robert "Bonsai" Bee at his visitation.

Now that the search is over, people are finally getting some closure, but for those closest to Bonsai, the pain of his loss will never fully leave them.

Jessa Schappaugh says, "For me, I was so close to him, and it was like I was helping look for him and it's just like I don't want him to be gone, so for me this has a a little bit of closure but not much because I hang onto people."

Schappaugh was a close friend of Bee's. She says, "Since day one, we were all very close to him and we know that he had problems making friends."

Schappaugh and her friends wanted to help Bee, and in the process they became family. "I grew close to Robert because I see him as like a brother. He needed an older sibling, he needed an older friend, there were tons of us there for him and I got super close, and it's just like after that he was family," says Schappaugh.

Even though Bee is gone, Team Bonzai and Schappaugh say he will never be forgotten.

Schappaugh says, "Just because you know he's gone, you know I don't want him to be gone, but that doesn't mean he's going to be gone forever."

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