Friends of a decade heading to homecoming together after special proposal

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PEORIA, Ill. — “Friendship” is a word that Richwoods High School seniors Lauren Davies and Tommy Liston know very well.

“I just want to say I wouldn’t lose a friend like you for a long long time,” said Liston.

“OK, I promise I won’t go anywhere,” Davies responded.

“He’s always been my friend. He’s always been there,” said Davies.

The two have experienced the triumphs of each phase of life, together. Liston has autism and the two met back in second grade when they were partnered for an assignment in an inclusion class.

Fast forward to now, they say it’s gotten bit harder to see each other.

“I just wish we get some time to see each other again even if we don’t have school or after school sometimes,” said Liston.

So, she came up with the perfect plan: a date to the homecoming dance!

“This was one of my ways I could say, ‘This is going on forever, you are my friend for life, this isn’t going to end,'” said Davies.

She says life is more “fun” (referencing her homecoming poster) with Liston.

“The fact that we are just there for each other and we can just sit down and tell stories with each other or go out to eat as friends,” Davies explained. “I can be myself around him.”

Preparations are underway for the big night on Saturday, but the dying question WMBD wanted to know: is prom on the horizon? They both laughed.

“I value his friendship so much because out of all the people, I know that no matter what happens in the world there’s always going to be Tommy and we are going to be friends forever,” said Davies.

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