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PEORIA, Ill.–For the second weekend in a row, Peoria is fighting winter weather. But this weekend was especially challenging with the added ice and arctic cold temps and winds that are expected to hit the area. Creating challenges for public works and homeowners.

Temps are in the teens and it feels even colder. Karen Cotton with Illinois American Water says homeowners should take caution.

“The number one thing we ask customers to do is know where their water shut off valve is. Because if pipes do freeze, then they need to shut off the water and take of thawing out the pipes, if no then they’ll have a mess,” Cotton said.

To keep pipes warm, cotton says to never use an open flame. Instead, use a hair dryer or space heater. And if you won’t be home, make sure the furnace is on.

“It’s important for people to keep their thermostat at a normal range, don’t lower it too low or it could cause your pipes to freeze.”

Cotton says insulating pipes is also important.

“There’s foam insulation that you wrap around the pipes. Another thing is open those cabinet doors and lets the warm air in,” Cotton said.

Frigid temps also cause issues on the roads. Peoria public works superintendent of operations Sie Maroon says these conditions are not ideal for a liquid-salt mix.

“That will work, but it works better when we have some sunlight or some warmer temperatures, but these temps are causing us some havoc right now,” Maroon said.

Maroon says really cold temps can erase progress road crews have previously worked on.

“We’ve been out plowing residential streets, trying to get as much slush, water, snow off the streets before they freeze to ice,” Maroon said.

Maroon says the temps aren’t doing his crews any favors but remains optimistic

“We’re going be available, we’re going stay on them,” Maroon said.

These cold temps are something we’ll be dealing with for the next few days.
And Maroon also says his main focus will be those residential streets and that their system is designed to make sure no one is always first or last in winter storm cleanup.

“Our A-B-C routes are designed to run so that with every storm we rotate which section(s) starts first and which section ends up being last, that way nobody is ever first or nobody is ever last,” Maroon said.

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