Frozen pipe chances increase as temperatures drop

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PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) –This time of year, Illinois American Water says a culprit of water not flowing from your faucets is mother nature.

Below freezing temperatures can cause pipes to freeze and block the flow of water, or even lead to pipes breaking.

Illinois American Water Spokesperson Karen Cotton says there are ways to prevent this wintertime headache.

“But make sure you are running that pencil-thin stream of water, because if you do that, then the water doesn’t have a chance to freeze,” said Cotton.

Peoria’s Nena Ace Hardware manager Keith Rieker says there are products residents can use to help keep the pipes from bursting.

“Heat tape that you can put on the pipes beforehand and of course, that’s something that has to be done before its start’s getting cold,” said Rieker.

Insulation and opening cabinets can help keep the freezing conditions at bay.

If a pipe does break it’s important to stop the leak before repairing damages.”

Also, everyone should know where their water shut-off valve is. Everyone in the house that can turn the valve off should know where it is because if your pipes do freeze, you’re going to want to shut off that water,” said Cotton.

The mess left from a broken pipe can lead to another problem.

“You got to watch out, make sure you clean it and get it dry right away. So that mold does not come about. The big thing is to take care of the leak and get it cleaned up as soon as possible,” said Reiker.

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