Future of Diesel Dick’s Auto Repair Shop unknown after a fire in October

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BLOOMINGTON, Ill. — The future of a long-time Bloomington business is still unclear after a fire destroyed it this fall.

Investigators say the fire at diesel dick’s auto repair shop was an accident.

Alan Dick has been in business for 40 years on Madison street. After the fire he says he’s taking the future of his business one day at a time.

“The rugs been pulled out from under me, us after 40 years of being diesel dicks and its hard to know where things will settle,” said Dick.

If Diesel Dicks rises from the ashes it will be at a different location. Bloomington zoning laws have changed since he started on Madison Street in 1985.

“The city will not allow me to rebuild my shop there on the property that we own outright,” said Dick.

After more than a month and a half of investigating the fire department still doesn’t know what caused the fire.

“With all the things in the building cars, electrical components, multiple furnaces, the recent roof work there could’ve been a lot of different things that could’ve caused that,” said Bloomington Fire Department Public Information Officer Eric Davison.

Dick says his shop was the only diesel repair shop in the Bloomington area. He’s still receiving calls from customers to this day.

“I feel for my customers, I don’t know what they’re gonna do the guy that called me today I said you have to go to the dealer that’s your only option because I’m not open for business in the near future,” said Dick.

Dick says he is still waiting for permission from the city to enter back on the property and salvage any personal belongings.

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