Gabe McLeod runs for Peoria County Clerk

Local News

PEORIA, Ill., — Rachael Parker was appointed as Peoria County Clerk last week, now another person is seeking the office.

Gabe McLeod announced his candidacy Thursday evening at the Lariat Steakhouse.

Surrounded by supportive friends, family and colleagues McLeod excitedly made his announcement.

Steve Sonnemaker, the previous county clerk, was his mentor.

He said Sonnemaker inspired him and he believes that after working in the clerk’s office for 12 years, he has the experience needed to sit in the seat.

McLeod said upon being elected the first thing he wants to do is use more resources to protect and digitize the community’s records.

“My mentor was Steve Sonnemaker the previous county clerk…underneath him, I was able to go ahead and use my creativity to really bring this office into the 21st century. I’m very passionate about this office and I want to continue bringing this office forward for the taxpayers of Peoria County,” he said.

McLeod said it’s risky to only have one paper copy of marriage, death, and land records. He emphasized that digitizing these records protects neighbors information from loss or natural disaster and also increases the speed in which they issue them.

He believes his experience and skill will be valuable to taxpayers.

The county clerk’s position is up for election in 2020.

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