GALESBURG, Ill. (WMBD) — Three people are dead with multiple others hurt after an Amtrak train, bound for Central Illinois and Chicago, derailed Monday.

Following Monday’s train derailment near Mendon, Missouri, some people experienced delays ahead of their own Amtrak trips.

Laynettie Taylor is from Galesburg, and she said her plan was to head to Chicago Monday afternoon. Upon arrival, Taylor said she was told the train was derailed, and it wouldn’t be coming at all. Taylor said her heart goes out to the families.

“I think this was the second incident this month. I don’t know, I just pray that all goes well, that’s all I can do,” said Taylor.

Taylor said, unfortunately, that this crash won’t affect her attendance on future trips with Amtrak.

“It is scary, but I rely on public transportation every day. You just hope that the driver is always alert and paying attention,” said Taylor.