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Garbage dumped on business owner's property after bills go unpaid

PEKIN, Ill. - A truck full of garbage was dumped on a Pekin business owner's property Monday.

Chad Tarpley is owner of C & T Siding and Construction, he says he told the Dragon Dumps waste management he would be late on payment.

That's when he says they dumped someone else's garbage on his father's lawn.

The unpaid bills go back to July and total about $2,600  after late fees.

Tarpley says he's been transparent with the company that he wouldn't be able to make the payments on time, but says when he didn't reply to a text from the owner of the business on Monday, a pile of someone else's garbage was dumped on his dad's property.

"It doesn't matter if I owed him a million dollars I mean this can't happen I don't understand why it even happened." Tarpley says.

WMBD also spoke with the owner of Dragon Dumps who says he gives customers 30 days to pay bills. He says he's received no partial payment and that Tarpley stopped replying when he attempted to contact him. So, he did something he's never done before and dumped the garbage he says Tarpley didn't pay to dispose of.

"I think I've hauled about 31,000 pounds of garbage for them and I returned just a small portion of it to Ed's house for 'em I see it no differently than if you were to not pay for your car, the banks gonna repo it if you don't pay for garbage disposal you're gonna get garbage back." Drew Vice explains.

Pekin Police say because the garbage was dumped on private property, this is a civil matter.


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