Gas prices continue to rise in Central Illinois

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PEORIA, Ill. — “It’s Illinois- I mean that’s why people are leaving,” said Jim Fraher.

Born and raised in Chillicothe, Fraher says it’s not often you see these painfully high gas prices. But when you do– it hurts.

“People may want a candy bar they may want a soda and that’s taking out of the other commodities we have that people use,” said Fraher.

Nick Allen just wishes to be back in simpler times.

“I remember when I first started gassing up at the gas station when it was 29 cents!” said Allen.

Unfortunately, the state has taken a few hits.

“Illinois has seen not only the gas tax, but we’re also seeing geo political tensions and a hurricane,” said Allison Mac, Petroleum Analyst for Gas Buddy.

And Mac is saying it bluntly-

“Look- the state tax is gonna stay so we are gonna see gas prices more expensive than where we were last year- that’s just how it is.”

But there’s a light at the end of the tunnel- The storms have passed, and crude oil prices have been stabilized.

“I foresee towards the end of this week prices start to stabilize and actually head back down,” said Mac.

So don’t give up all hope yet- and be thankful.

“Hopefully they wont go back up like they were 5 years ago when it was almost 4 a gallon. So lets just pray it stays where its at,” said Fraher.

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