PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — Peorians may experience sticker shock at the gas pump this week, as the average gas price in town rose 26.7 cents this week to average $4.05 per gallon Monday.

According to GasBuddy’s weekly survey of 148 stations in Peoria, gas prices are 12.8 cents per gallon cheaper than one month ago, and 73.3 cents per gallon higher than this day in 2021.

The cheapest gas price in the Peoria area on Sunday was listed at $3.63 per gallon, while the most expensive price was 85 cents higher at $4.48 per gallon.

Comparatively, the Quad Cities’ average price per gallon in $3.66, up from last week’s $3.65. The average price in the Champaign area is $3.93 per gallon, up from last week’s average of $3.57.

Across the state, the lowest price on Sunday was listed at $3.34 per gallon. The most expensive listed price was $5.87, a difference of $2.53 per gallon. The statewide average is $4.14 per gallon, 22.2 cents higher than last week’s average of $3.92.

The national average price per gallon has risen 11.1 cents this week, averaging $3.78 Monday.

Experts say the prices could get higher before they drop back down, due to weather and seasonal changes.

“With gas prices continuing to surge on the West Coast and Great Lakes, the national average saw its second straight weekly rise. But at the same time, areas of the Northeast and Gulf Coast have continued to see declines as the the nation experiences sharp differences in trends between regions,” said Patrick De Haan, head of petroleum analysis at GasBuddy.

“Some West Coast states saw prices rise 35 to 55 cents per gallon in the last week as refinery issues continued to impact gasoline supply, which fell to its lowest level in a decade in the region, causing prices to skyrocket,” De Haan continued. “While I’m hopeful there will eventually be relief, prices could go a bit higher before cooling off. In addition, OPEC could decide to cut oil production by a million barrels as the global economy slows down, potentially creating a catalyst that could push gas prices up further.”

The price of diesel is continuing to decline, averaging 2.9 cents cheaper nationally at $4.86 per gallon.