Gas prices rising; delivery companies adjusting

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Gas prices continue to rise, and it could affect what you pay at local businesses.

Haddad’s Market in West Peoria is known for delivering groceries to customers and other businesses. The owner tells us it’s not affecting what he charges for deliveries, but it does impact the cost of getting items shipped to the store. 

“It’s an ongoing thing,” said Mark Wrhel, Haddad’s Owner and Operator. “Every year it seems like summer hits and gas prices go up. Especially right here at Memorial Day.”

Haddad’s Market likes to keep it old school. The store delivers, but doesn’t use an online system. Mark Wrhel said all you have to do is call. He said they keep it this way because it’s what customers are used to.

“Ours is kind of old fashioned,” said Wrhel. “Just pick up a phone, give us a shout out over here at Haddad’s, tell us what you’re looking for. We can put that together and have it delivered to them.”

Wrhel said there’s only one delivery van, so they get gas from the cheapest station they can find. He expected the prices to raise, so it wasn’t a big hit to his pocket-books. It also helps that summer-time deliveries aren’t very popular.

“With our delivery service, we’ve been doing it for so many years that we’ve kind of built the gas price situation into our delivery fees and things like that,” said Wrhel. “So it doesn’t really effect our service.”

Even though Haddad’s delivery prices won’t change due to gas, the companies delivering to the market will charge extra, now that gas has gone up.

“So with our meat deliveries, our grocery deliveries, they’re adding fuel surcharges as the price of fuel goes up,” said Wrhel. “Different companies will start adding a fuel surcharge onto their deliveries to us. As for our home delivery service itself, it’s not something that it really affects.”

Wrhel said Haddad’s factors the sur-charges into the budget, so it doesn’t hit them too hard. He said it’s rather expected.

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