PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD)– More than 25 startup applications across the Greater Peoria Region were received by Distillery Labs and the next three have been selected.

A news release confirms that the three selected start-ups are Ag-Defense Systems, RPS Spraying, and Scout & Soldier.

Ag-Defense Systems (ADS) is a company focused on food safety. The company wants to change the current reactive food recall approach to one more preventative by giving food processors the ability to test products directly instead of third-party scientists.

RPS Spraying is an agricultural-based drone service that focuses on crop dusting and wetland spraying services. The business targets agricultural business, wildlife management, and state parks.

Scout & Soldier is a personal protection firm that focuses on financially accessible security. Working with corporate, academic, and government entities, the service will provide on-demand security for personnel and guests.

“The County of Peoria values, greatly, our partnership with gBETA and all the funders that
have made this partnership so valuable to our region,” said Scott Sorrel, County
Administrator from Peoria County.

He continued, “The County has taken the approach of investing in programming that will grow the local economy from the ground up. We’ve found this approach has the greatest impact. gBETA epitomizes exactly what the County seeks in a service provider that delivers high-quality programming and guidance to founders making their thoughts and dreams a reality.”

gBETA Distillery Labs is a free program that provides startup founders with concierge coaching and a national network of mentors, customers, and investors.