DUNLAP, Ill. (WMBD) — Dozens of people came out to Hickory Grove Park in Dunlap for the annual Erntdedankfest hosted by the Peoria German American Central Society.

Erntdedankfest is also known as Harvest Fest and is their celebration of Thanksgiving.

Locals were dressed in mid-century costumes, treated with live music, and offered authentic German food.

Jeff Pulfer with the German American Central Society said you don’t have to come from German descent to enjoy the festivities.

“This is called Erntdedankfest which is their version of thanksgiving, not like ours with turkey and the other things. Basically it’s the celebration of harvest. We tie it to the middle ages cause they celebrate the harvest for many many centuries prior to Oktoberfest,” he said.

The German American Central Society will hold their Friday night dinner on Oct. 20, at the Lindenhof, located at 7601 N. Harker Drive in Peoria.