Girl Scouts of Central Illinois to donate 4,000 boxes of leftover cookies to military and essential workers

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PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — There’s been a lot of talk about shortages, but there is no shortage of Girl Scouts cookies.

According to the Associated Press, many Girl Scouts troops have leftover inventory set to expire soon.

Girl Scouts of Central Illinois fared better, but several troops still have 4,000 cookie boxes worth $20,000 to unload, said CEO Pam Kovacevich.

“They’ve been through some ups and downs, cookie sale wise. Of course, nothing like the pandemic, but they kept a very close eye on our inventory quantities and we did not have the same issue that some of our sister councils or our bakers,” she said.

Kovacevich said selling cookies during a pandemic taught the girls valuable business lessons.

“As harsh an environment as this selling year was, it was wonderful opportunity for girls to learn a really kind of harsh business lesson that it’s not always sunshine and roses when it comes to running your own business,” she said.

As for the leftover cookies, she said they will be donating them to military and essential workers. Through Operation Cookie Share, they are looking for community donors to help offset the cost, and will donate the cookies on their behalf.

Kovacevich said interested donors can reach out to Chief Operating Officer Kelly Day or visiting Girl Scout Digital Order Card.

“We do have that handful of troops that’s still recovering. We would be so thankful to our communities if they could help them out in some way,” she said.

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