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Gov. shutdown impacts federal payouts, including money for Center for Prevention of Abuse

Peoria, Ill. - As the government shutdown persists into day 14, federal payouts to organizations across the nation and right here in Central Illinois are seeing their funding cease.

That includes the Violence Against Women Act is funded through the Department of Justice.

Now, a quarter of a million dollars that's delegated specifically to the Center For Prevention of Abuse is no where to be found.

With this government shutdown comes the uncertainty for organizers and leaders, but they say, they will continue to provide their free services to those who are dealing with sexual assault and domestic violence.

"We hope that our legislators, whether they're state or federal level, always remember that it's about people," said Executive Director Carol Merna, Center for Prevention of Abuse."Basic human rights are involved when it involves agencies like ours and with the VAWA especially, it's about cultural... basic cultural fundamental change that happened a number of years ago. We don't want to back step. We want to continue to move forward."

This shutdown also impacts federal agriculture, transportation, and homeland security agencies as well, just to name a few.

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