Governor Rauner signs amendatory veto for school funding bill

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Governor Bruce Rauner issued an amendatory veto on Senate Bill 1 Tuesday.

The governor repeatedly stated he would sign an amendatory veto once the measure, which outlines a school funding plan, reached his desk for approval. Lawmakers sent the bill, also referred to as SB1, to Rauner’s office on Monday following a special session in he specifically called to reach an agreement on school funding.

The bill now returns to the Illinois General Assembly, in which lawmakers could choose whether or not to approve.

Governor Rauner’s Office listed the following suggestions as part of the veto:

•    Maintains a per-district hold harmless until the 2020-2021 school year, and then moves to a per-pupil hold harmless based on a three-year rolling average of enrollment.

•    Removes the minimum funding requirement. While the governor is committed to ensuring that the legislature satisfies its duty to fund schools, the proposed trigger of one percent of the overall adequacy target plus $93 million artificially inflates the minimum funding number and jeopardizes Tier II funding. 

•    Removes the Chicago block grant from the funding formula. 
•    Removes both Chicago Public Schools pension considerations from the formula: the normal cost pick-up and the unfunded liability deduction.  
•    Reintegrates the normal cost pick-up for Chicago Public Schools into the Pension Code where it belongs, and finally begins to treat Chicago like all other districts with regards to the State’s relationship with its teachers’ pensions. 
•    Eliminates the PTELL and TIF equalized assessed value subsidies that allow districts to continue under-reporting property wealth. 
•    Removes the escalators throughout the bill that automatically increase costs. 
•    Retains the floor for the regionalization factor, for the purposes of equity, and adds a cap, for the purposes of adequacy. 

The amendatory veto also removes the accounting for future pension cost shifts to districts in the Adequacy Target. This prevents districts from ever fully taking responsibility for the normal costs of their teachers’ pensions.

People and organizations around the state are reacting to the veto: 

  • “This is a stunning low point in the history of our state. SB1 is a product of the governor’s own School Funding Reform Commission and his characterization of the bill as a bailout for Chicago has been debunked by the BGA and Politifact. Yet, Bruce Rauner chose political games over our children.” – Chris Kennedy (D), Gubernatorial Candidate
  • “It is disappointing that our children’s future has become divisive, but it is the Governor himself playing politics with their first day of school.” – Illinois Federation of Teachers President Dan Montgomery
  • “Bruce Rauner has once again proven that he cares more about his own political future than the futures of millions of children across Illinois. And the fact that Rauner’s political future requires sacrificing our public school system says everything you need to know.” – Sen. Daniel Biss (D), Gubernatorial Candidate
  • “Bruce Rauner is so blinded by his crusade against Chicago’s children and families that he seems incapable of understanding a very simple fact: every child and every school district benefits under SB1. Even though he supports 90% of the bill, Rauner and his new team of radicals once again chose to use our kids, parents, and teachers as leverage to try and score a political win.” -JB Pritzker (D), Gubernatorial Candidate
  • “As a member of the School Funding Commission, I fully support the Governor’s Amendatory Veto because it ensures that every school district receives fair and equitable treatment. I am happy to see an evidence based formula that distributes money to school districts that need it most. I am confident the House and Senate will support a clean school funding bill that puts more money in the classroom for our students.” – Lt. Governor Evelyn Sanguinetti
  • “I am profoundly disappointed that the governor has vetoed this new formula that would guarantee all schools are fairly funded. Despite the governor’s veto, I believe that negotiations should continue in order to fix the formula. Should those talks fail, I support overriding the governor’s veto.”-State Senator Dave Koehler (D) Peoria.

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