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Governor's Opioid Task Force visits Peoria

PEORIA, Il. - Opioid overdoses have killed more than 11,000 Illinoisans since 2008. After meeting with law enforcement, public health officials and other stakeholders throughout the state, Governor Rauner's opioid task force continues to save as many lives as possible.


“We in Illinois are making great strides towards treating the whole person, providing high quality mental health treatment along with physical health treatment,” said Gov. Rauner.


As the opioid epidemic continues to effect families throughout the Land of Lincoln,The Governor's task force remains focused on reducing the anticipated number of opioid related deaths by one-third. Rauner believes the next step to recovery is providing those battling addiction with mental health treatment.


“We think we will have some of the best mental health treatment in America over the next few years,” Rauner said. He adds, “With the $2 billion we got from the federal government, to restructure our Medicaid program we are very focused on treating mental health.”


Narcan helped revive 2,000 people from opioid overdoses in Illinois last year. Lieutenant Governor Evelyn Sanguinetti thanks first responders who are now carrying the life saving drug.


“The epidemic knows no color no community no class, it is an equal opportunity aggressor and the only way we could attack this aggressor this epidemic was to work together as a community to make this a thing of the past,” Sanguinetti explained.


In the past year,Peoria has seen 44 opioid overdose deaths. The task force believes ordering doctors to report their opioid prescriptions has helped reduce doctor shopping.


“Because of this initiative, because of this senate bill, this is really being curtailed today,” Sanguinetti said.


The task force unveiled a 24 hour resource website for people across Illinois. Yo ucan find more details at HelpLineIL.org

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