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Schools in McLean County will be switching to a standard based grading system very soon. The standard grading system eliminates the “A” through “F” format making it 0-4 (4 being the highest).

School officials say that the new system teaches students what proficiency level they need to achieve as opposed to saying “you fail, or, pass”. Middle and High Schools will slowly integrate the change into their programs while elementary is set to begin the change soon.

“Next year we are looking at a full rollout for elementary with all subject and area classes,” said Carmen Bergmann, Unit 5 District Administrator. “Everyone has all of the structures and is ready to go for the new system.”

But in changing the system comes also changing the way students receive grades. Due to there not being a 100 point scale, teachers will disseminate grades to parents in a new way.

“We are eliminating the traditional report card format that we have had in the past,” said Bergmann. “In order to honor that organic nature of assessment that we are doing we are only going to give out live grades. Trying to capture a paper copy assessment of something that is happening over time will only be confusing to our parents”  

The school officials don’t want any one to worry with the new changes as they say this is something that the entire state is going through. Multiple school districts in Illinois are switching to this new system and they believe this will be the future of education. 

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