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Grand opening of Well Farm sparks hope for Peoria's environment

Peoria, Ill - The saying goes "When it rains it pours." And when it pours, the rainfall causes lots of issues in the River City. 

April Mendez, who works for Green Print Partners says, "When it rains too much, that rain overwhelms the capacity of the system and it dumps raw sewage into our local waterways."
Mendez says Green Print Partners has the answer.

"This project is intended to help reduce the amount of rain water and snow melt that ultimately gets caught into that sewer system and improve our water quality."
Putting this idea into action wasn't easy.

"This has been two years in the works and we've had a tremendous number of partners involved.  We have a stakeholder working group that's made up of residents from within a mile of this specific site.

And all kinds of partners who have been putting blood, sweat and tears and lots of volunteer hours to make this happen."
Peoria Council woman Beth Jensen says the well farm is much more than just a farm.  It's teaching people in Peoria a valuable trade.

Councilwoman Jensen says, "We've developed an apprentice program for people that live on the South Side near this farm.  To teach them the skills, on how to farm and then they're using what they grow here and they're taking it down to the farmer's market on the riverfront and they're selling it."

Two birds with one stone?  How about three birds with one stone.

"It's so cool to see us solve three problems with one project," says Jensen.
Peoria aims to be the first city in the nation to run on a one hundred percent green infrastructure.  And the Well Farm is a good start.

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