GrandPads: A Device Protecting Loved Ones From Online Danger

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Many times, grandparents use social media in order to stay up-to-date with their grandchildren.

However, many times, technology tends to confuse older individuals.

If a hyperlink appears, an individual will click on it, not knowing what viruses could lie on the other side.

However, there is a new device, called GrandPad, that will help protect your loved ones from online danger.

It is a simplified version of a tablet that allows grandparents to stay connected with family, without using the Internet.

The GrandPad operates on a closed system that does not require wifi or data.

Only family members, trusted friends, and the individual user, will have access to the content inside the device.

“Since it’s not accessible by Internet, that really wipes out a lot of the way that someone could hack into the system,” said Elizabeth Sprague, client care coordinator at Comfort Keepers.

But a safe system isn’t the only perk of this device.

The GrandPad allows grandparents to stay in touch with loved ones through the touch of a button.

“You’re bringing two generations together with this, to be able to prevent that loneliness that they’re going to experience and provide that happiness,” said Sprague.

The device can also serve as a resource to prevent memory loss by providing music and games.

“Solitaire, Connect 4, you’re find another way to stimulate their brain,” said Sprague.

And with the holidays just around a corner, it may be something you want to put on your wish list.

To get more information on the GrandPad, you can go to the following website:

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