PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — Grant funding is helping one Central Illinois group assist families impacted by gun violence.

Following a deadly incident, Peoria County Coroner Jamie Harwood, said families go through a range of emotions.

“Most often people are in shock. They’re in shock that they’ve experienced this kind of event within their family,” Harwood said.

Often, another step is looking for resources within the community for help.

“If you already feel like you’re stuck and you don’t have any help, then there’s no hope. So we want to make sure that people have hope,” Harwood said.

One of the organizations locally looking to provide that hope is Peoria Community Against Violence or PCAV.

“Historically, PCAV has always gone out and responded to homicides, but we have really enhanced those types of services,” said Becky Rossman, CEO of Peoria Community Against Violence.

In March 2021, PCAV received a $295,000 grant through the Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority.

The funding has since allowed the non-profit to create a nationally certified crisis response team and provide employment, relocation, counseling, and crisis intervention assistance, among various other initiatives.

“We’re putting things in place to get people out of situations. Whether it’s safer areas, or a higher paying job, more livable wages for their family,” Rossman said.

Rossman said getting families the services they need is a significant piece of reducing crime and community organizations are coming together for that reason.

“On average when we work with a family, we probably work with five different organizations because the needs are so great,” Rossman said.

Rossman said PCAV will receive an additional $525,000 in grant funding through December of next year. At that time, PCAV will become a standalone organization. Currently, OSF serves as a fiscal agent.

PCAV was able to respond to 33% of the shootings in Peoria last year.