HUDSON, Ill. (WMBD) — For the first time since the Monday fire, the owners of a longtime lake bar in McLean County are speaking out.

But, the news is grim.

Amy Tague, co-owner of Green Gables Bar and Grill, said the insurance adjusters have deemed the building a total loss after all they could salvage was burn siding and some tumblers.

Right now, it’s unknown whether the owners will rebuild or not, but they’re trying to remember the great memories their family and other families made at the bar.

“We celebrated everything there. It was our whole family’s place to go. That’s just where we always went, so like every big event in our lives has been celebrated at Green Gables,” she said.

“Something great happened we’re going to Gables, something sad happened well I’ll see you at Gables. The hardest part for me, like even yesterday, three different times we were like oh we’re out of ice I’ll just run up to Gables oh wait… you know you have to think oh I can’t say that anymore, we cant go do that now.”

No official GoFundMe has been started by the owners themselves, but one has been set up for them and can be accessed here.