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Green Top Grocery helps those with LINK cards

BLOOMINGTON, Ill. - A local grocery store is helping those with LINK cards.

Green Top Grocery launched a new program called "Link Match" on Thursday. Thanks to a $20,000 grant they received, Green Top is able to give anyone with a LINK card, up to a $25 voucher for every day they buy from the store. For every $1 spent on LINK card eligible items, LINK card holders will receive a $1 voucher.

"We're really excited about this opportunity to give out these LINK match vouchers to LINK card holders, because we really think it's going to help open up our accessibility to lower income families, and really make Green Top and healthy food, accessible to everyone in our community," said Rainie Themer, Green Top Grocery Marketing Manager.

The vouchers can be used at Green Top Grocery, for locally grown produce, or at the Bloomington Farmers Market.

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