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Green Valley holds a fundraiser for Texas.

Residents raise money for families affected by Hurricane Harvey

GREEN VALLEY - Many organizations are turning their attention to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. However, others have not forgotten about the victims in the Texas after Hurricane Harvey.

The village of Green Valley is coming together working to benefit a few families affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Pub 29 owner, Michelle Watson, said, “We did this in three and a half weeks, all the crew, which is wonderful. They have ran every weekend and picked up here and went here and went there and everybody was very generous in donations and we're gonna try to help these three families and the animal shelter.”

Watson came up with the idea of a fundraiser and reached out to other community members for their help.

Watson connected with former Texas resident Kittra Zantout. Zantout said she knew just the families the town should help.

"When I called both of them they both cried, they were overjoyed, overwhelmed knowing that I’m from here. One i used to work with and the other one became a good friend through my sons school and they are just speechless." said Zantout.

Once the fundraiser is finished, volunteers will drive down to Texas to deliver them in person.

“It just makes my heart happy we've had a tragedy in my family so its taught us to give back, and that's what we're trying to do.” said Watson.

Donations will be accepted through the rest of this week.

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